Studying in a different country can be an amazing and unique experience, however, it can also be daunting. Being away from home and having to adjust to a new school can be overwhelming, particularly if the culture and language are different from what you are used to.

To help you through your study abroad journey, all UCW Students have access to the keep.meSAFE program. The industry’s first and only digital mental health support program for international students to assist those having trouble settling into their new surroundings.

Having someone to talk to is helpful, whether you are dealing with a new school, a new city, or just about feeling overwhelmed with everything happening in your life. The keep.meSAFE program is available 24/7, all year round and is available on multiple platforms. It is useful for a student who is struggling and has a busy schedule. Students can reach out to an advisor or counsellor through a range of platforms, including through the app, messenger, the webchat on their website, or via voice and video call.

Keep.meSAFE connects students to support advisors who have experience helping both domestic and international students. Many counsellors can talk to students in a variety of languages and know different cultures to help better relate to your problems.

Sessions with keep.meSAFE representatives can be booked in advance or done immediately at no cost to the student. All information and conversations shared with the counsellors are confidential.

Students also have access to different articles and videos on the keep.meSAFE website. which covers a range of topics, including personal health, relationships, living abroad and student life. The articles range from, “Supporting someone with anxiety” to “The psychological effects of being unfriended online.”

To learn more, visit, download the free My SSP app or phone 1-844-451-9700 toll-free. Students can also approach UCW Student Services to learn more about the program.


Last updated Jan. 4, 2021.