University Canada West (UCW) is pleased to announce that it has recently signed a partnership agreement with the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia and Yukon (CPHR BC & Yukon).

This collaboration with CPHR BC & Yukon allows students in UCW’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program taking the Human Resources elective area to join CPHR BC & Yukon as student members.

“Through this agreement, our students will be able to demonstrate that they are true HR experts with verified knowledge and competency in the workplace and throughout their careers,” said Dr. Stephanie Chu, Interim Vice President Academic at UCW.

HR students in UCW’s MBA program are eligible to purchase a 25% discounted membership to become student members of CPHR BC & Yukon.

Membership in CPHR BC & Yukon leads to an extensive array of learning and professional development opportunities for students in the HR field, including peer to peer learning, proven expertise, community knowledge and more.

In addition to membership benefits, students will also receive a one-time discount to attend the annual CPHR BC & Yukon Conference & Expo featuring HR industry professionals and panelists from across Canada and the world.

Eligible students who apply, will also be awarded National Knowledge Exam (NKE) passing status by CPHR BC & Yukon, which means that, in recognition of their success at UCW, they will not be required to write the NKE exam and will be granted CPHR Candidate status, the first step in obtaining the CPHR Designation. To be eligible, students must graduate from UCW’s MBA program after taking the HR elective area, achieve an average grade of at least 70% and be a member of CPHR BC & Yukon.

“This partnership will allow students to develop their skills, connect with potential employers and build their network. This is an extraordinary opportunity that will pave the way for our students’ future success in the human resources field,” said Dr. Chu.

Founded in 1942, CPHR BC & Yukon serves over 6,800 members, in every stage of their career, with professional development and networking opportunities and resources.

“We are beyond excited to collaborate with CPHR BC & Yukon on this partnership,” said Dr. Chu.

UCW follows professional trends in the industry closely and develops elective areas that reflect the best professional standards in specific fields. These elective areas allow students to gain specialized skills and knowledge. UCW currently offers eight elective areas in its on-campus MBA program – Human Resources, Consulting, Leadership, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Digital Marketing, Financial Management and Non-Profit.

Published on Nov. 23, 2021.