UCW understands the importance of sustainability to the future of our planet. UCW is committed to creating a green footprint for the environmental stewardship of our campuses. We commit to not only teaching sustainability but also to modeling it through our own actions.

UCW is a proud member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).


UCW incorporates sustainability into our curriculum and UCW professors are involved in sustainability research or lead sustainability initiatives as part of their professional practice.


The UCW Vancouver House Campus is conveniently close to two adjacent active travel paths, rapid transit and express bus service within a 10-minute walk, as well as a shuttle that supports both bike and wheelchairs to our door, and a foot ferry that also supports cyclists.


The UCW Vancouver House Campus is a highly efficient building due to a wide variety of sustainability features and its recent construction in 2020.


When UCW moved to Vancouver house, the University was careful to follow the waste management hierarchy by reducing our need for materials (Reduce), identifying any materials that we could bring with us (Reuse), ensuring materials we needed had recycled content (Recycle) and that our relocation and purchase packaging was recycled, and recovering hard to recycle by-products from our purchases (Reclaim).