University Canada West’s Career Development Centre (CDC) was created to facilitate an engaging partnership with its students and alumni as they transition from higher education into the workforce and beyond. Through these partnerships, the Career Development Centre bridges the gap between what employers are looking for and career opportunities for students and alumni.

The Career Development Centre works with students and alumni located in Vancouver and across Canada to provide career advising, consultations on career planning and management as well as employment coaching to facilitate career development learning and success through a hybrid of in-person and virtual appointments. Students and alumni can access career development programs via the MyUCW Student Portal or Alumni Portal for information, resources and events relevant to their job search and career development.

As students gain employable skills and alumni grow within their careers, University Canada West is dedicated to connecting them with businesses across Canada for employment and career advancement opportunities.

University Canada West’s Career Development Centre is available to support all facets of career development, including:

  • Career exploration and planning
  • Helping identify skills gaps
  • Building a marketable resumé
  • Writing an eye-catching cover letter
  • Winning job interview skills
  • Job search techniques and strategies
  • Industry connections and networking opportunities; and
  • Career advising and coaching


Are you looking for talented employees with track records of career accomplishments and updated business management skills that could help boost your business’s viability? The great news is that you don’t need to look any further; you’ve arrived at a talent pipeline at UCW.

University Canada West is a career-focused post-secondary institution that prioritizes our students’ employability and career readiness skills to address the demands of today’s competitive market. Our talented students come from all over the world.

UCW’s MBA students are characterized by their deep disciplinary knowledge in at least one area (IT, Marketing, HR, Accounting, Leadership, Business Analytics, etc.) and an understanding of systems that are comprised of interconnected components of people, technology and services. Their ability to function as adaptive innovators and cross boundaries between disciplines leads them to hit the ground running, helping your organization run smoothly and advancing your services and products, which sets you apart from your competitors.

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