University Canada West Professor Dr. Michele Vincenti will be speaking at a conference in Rome, Italy on April 6.

Dr. Vincenti will be part of a scientific panel portion of the conference on “European funds as a tool of development between Mediterranean and North America.”

UCW has an official partnership with the Rome-based Centro Studi di Economia Internazionale ai Fondi Europei, which aims to organize international conferences and conduct academic research.

The conference will investigate how post-Covid, the Ukraine-Russia war and high inflation are currently putting a strain on the global economy. The Rome-based centre and UCW are organizing this institutional and scientific event to discuss possible solutions despite the current protectionist approaches many countries are taking. The panel members will address opportunities in the existing economic treaties and how new AI systems could accelerate economic recovery.

Dr. Vincenti will be speaking at Zuccari Hall inside the Palazzo Giustiniani, which is the only room that has remained unchanged during the numerous renovations of the Italian Senate-owned building and is entirely decorated with frescoes.

Published on March 30, 2023.