Students with Codecore College will have an easier time transferring to UCW’s Bachelor of Commerce and Associate of Arts degree program.

University Canada West has created a close relationship with the college, collaborating and creating articulation agreements signed last year. The agreements pave the way for Codecore College students to transfer credits from their college to UCW.

Codecore College graduates who completed the Advanced Diploma in Business with a minimum cumulative average of B- or no individual course grade lower than a C to be given a block credit of 54 credits with specific course exemptions at UCW to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree

There is an additional agreement for Codecore students who want to transfer to University Canada West’s Associate of Arts Degree. They will receive up to 15 transfer credits into the second semester of UCW’s degree program which consists of 20 courses or 60 credits.

University Canada West President Brock Dykeman said he is excited about the partnership between the institutions.

“We are really pleased to be doing this collaboration with Codecore. This allows students who would only be doing a diploma at Codecore can continue to University Canada West and obtain an Associate of Arts degree or full bachelor’s degree,” Brock said. “It’s a win-win situation for not just Codecore and UCW but most importantly for the students”.

Codecore College has been providing intensive practical programming training since 2008. Rebranding in 2019, they have now become a dynamic, university-transfer college with technology and business programs.

The college has campuses in Vancouver and New Westminster.

For more information about transferring credits from Codecore College to University Canada West, reach out to a Student Recruitment Advisor at [email protected].