UCW students can now book one-on-one time with writing coaches. These free face-to-face appointments will last up to 30 minutes and can cover any type of academic writing.

“Writing coaches are happy to be a sounding board for ideas, to provide advice on writing processes and to help find resources that students can use on their own time,” said Brock Dykeman, UCW’s VP Academic. “This is wonderful opportunity for our students to improve their academic writing.”

UCW instructors Summer Pervez, Brian Graham, Maryam Rostamy and Jennifer Spiegel will host the sessions.

The face-to-face appointments are new at UCW, but the online writing coaches will remain available.

Students can arrange a one-on-one writing consultations to talk about their written work. They can book one appointment per day and up to two appointments per week.

There are a number of things a student can do to prepare for a coaching session. If it’s related to a specific assignment, they should bring their assignment instructions so that the writing coaches can understand what they are trying to achieve. They should also bring their writing and be prepared to discuss their ideas.

Students must send a MyUCW Dropbox message to the individual instructor they want to book an appointment with. The message must include “Writing Coach Appointment” in the subject line and the message should include the student’s name, student number and preferred date and time for the appointment. The requests will usually be processed with 24 hours and will be processed based on availability.

Online writing coaches will remain available as a free service to all UCW students. Students can directly send their assignments to an online writing coach.

After reviewing the student’s work, the coach will provide feedback on writing structure, organization, critical thinking issues, citation and more. The online writing coach will devote up to 30 minutes for each session.

To reach an online writing coach, send a MyUCW Dropbox message to either Carel Schoch or Carol Koop.

“The introduction of these face-to-face writing coaches is another step in providing more support services for UCW students,” said Dykeman. “This is another way we can help our students reach their potential and surpass their goals.”

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Published October 22, 2018