On April 13 more than 20 University Canada West (UCW) students and staff attended an Earthquake Preparedness Workshop. The informative one-hour session provided details on how to prepare for an emergency or natural disaster, what to keep in an emergency kit, where to purchase items, and how to connect with your family after an emergency.

“It’s really important for people like me who are new to Vancouver to take part in workshops like this and to be aware of the resources available in the case of an emergency,” said MBA student Zubair Khaja Moinuddin. “It’s better to be informed and trained rather than panicked and confused; my appreciation to UCW for making this session available to us.”

The workshop was facilitated by a member of the Neighborhood Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT), a team of trained volunteers who support professional emergency responders in times of a disaster. The workshop is designed to help those living and working within the city of Vancouver to protect themselves, their families, neighbors, and neighborhoods in an emergency situation.