Students who have been inactive for two (2) or more terms without an approved leave of absence must apply for readmission through the Registrar’s Office and submit the readmission fee.

All readmissions applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee, which may approve, deny, or place special conditions upon a readmission request.

Students who have attended another university or college since attending University Canada West and who want to transfer courses back to University Canada West should:

  • Complete and submit a Request for Readmission form
  • Identify all post-secondary educational institutions attended while absent from University Canada West
  • Submit official transcripts of their academic records from these institutions
  • Pay the readmission fee, if absent from University Canada West for 1 year or longer, before re-registering

Applicants who have undertaken additional academic coursework during an unapproved period of inactivity must also submit official transcripts of any courses taken elsewhere during that time.

The readmission application form can be found here.

  • Students who have withdrawn from University Canada West but wish to be considered for readmission must reapply through the Registrar’s Office and obtain the Admissions Committee’s approval
  • Students who have been required to withdraw are not eligible for readmission until any time period specified in their withdrawal notice has elapsed
  • Students who do not meet the Admissions Committee’s conditions for reinstatement but who meet the criteria to appeal may submit a written letter of appeal to the Admissions Appeals Committee. Any final appeal rests with the Vice President Academic.
  • Students who have been inactive for a year or more must pay the readmission fee. They must also submit official transcripts of any courses taken elsewhere during their period of University Canada West inactivity.
  • Students who return after a period of inactivity may be required to complete a revised degree pathway, and additional program requirements deemed appropriate by the Admissions Committee to meet current University Canada West requirements.