Last month University Canada West (UCW) Vice-President, Academic and Students, Dr. Brad O’Hara and Business Developer Kamal Preet Singh travelled to India to strengthen important relationships with education leaders, government officials and agents. Over two weeks Dr. O’Hara and Kamal visited five colleges, Canadian consulate offices in Mumbai, Chandīgarh and Bangalore, the Trade and Invest BC office (Bangalore) and the Canadian High Commission Office in Delhi, as well as several agents.

To highlight the features and benefits associated with a UCW education, Dr. O’Hara presented to leadership and students at the Cambridge Institute of Technology, GIBS Business School, International School of Management Excellence, the Doaba Group of Colleges (DGC) and Bam Khalsa College. Dr. O’Hara explored short term study opportunities, pathways to UCW’s MBA program, and transfer possibilities with college administrators.

“We want to thank University Canada West for visiting DGC, and their interest in collaborating with DGC in professional education and research,” said Director General Dr. Daljit Singh, Doaba Group of Colleges.

Meeting with trade commissioners and VISA officers at consulate offices was an important part of the business trip and provided an opportunity for Dr. O’Hara and Kamal to talk about many positive changes to the University, emphasizing UCW’s role as a recognized, credible choice within BC’s post-secondary environment.

“We went to India with the intention of raising awareness about UCW and the opportunities we offer as a university,” explained Dr. O’Hara. “Not only did we achieve this, but we also gained valuable insight into India’s complex and highly competitive market.”