University Canada West is offering a Refund Guarantee for the Summer 2022 Term.

The Refund Guarantee applies to students taking University Access Program (UAP) and MBA Foundation (MBAF) courses in the Summer (July) 2022 Term. Students outside Canada can start their UAP or MBAF courses online from their home country while waiting for a visa decision.

Students must have applied to UCW, been accepted and have applied for a student visa to qualify.

Students who start their preparatory courses and who do not obtain a visa before the end of their first term will be eligible for a refund if they submit their student visa refusal letter within five working days of receipt. The refund is subject to a refund processing fee.

Students must have a visa and study permit, and be in Vancouver, to start their on-campus degree program courses.

To read the full terms and conditions for UCW’s Refund Guarantee, review the Refund Policy Procedure.


Published on June 15, 2022.