As an MBA student at University Canada West, Gaspar Aguilar can use what he learns to advance his company AIQ Cognitive Service Management Inc.

AIQ focuses on AI technology to create virtual agents that naturally respond to customers.

For someone with a degree in telematics engineering, it may seem like an unrelated field. However, Gaspar believes otherwise.

“I think it’s a natural evolution of the markets’ need,” he explained. “I started managing the technology below the telecommunication and IT services. But right now, the companies that are going to be doing that part (managing) are reducing because of the cloud. IT is much more accessible to everyone”.

Gaspar is trying to get ahead of the curve for when companies understand that AI functionality will be required to stay competitive.

Before forming his company, he worked in Mexico for a couple of years as an engineer. He would consult with new and existing companies from around the world including England, Australia and Latin America.

Gaspar has helped and worked on two other startups aside from his current project. One is focusing on training individuals and the other is a software development company which he still helps run.

He got started with these projects when contacts reached out to him for help.

Gaspar has worked as an IT consultant in complex technological projects, mostly in the telecommunications industry, helping big companies like AT&T and Telmex to increase their visibility and reduce downtimes.

Having previously visited Vancouver, he knew wanted to come back and that downtown was full of business opportunities.

He cited Vancouver being home to many tech-based companies as an extra incentive for him to start his own company in the city.

He came to University Canada West to shore up his business knowledge.

“I need more business theory in my background. I have an engineering background and I learned business the hard way by doing it and I think I need the theoretical basis,” he said.

“The MBA was a good option to really do that.”

Dr. Naïma Cherchem, one of his instructors, commented on his work ethic and drive.

“Gaspar is one of my best students at UCW. He is not only a brilliant student but also a creative technological entrepreneur who is interested in the artificial intelligence industry,” she said.

“In 2018, I supervised his entrepreneurial project on Cognitive Service Management, and I am impressed to see how he is developing his start-up and building his international business network.”

As Gaspar works to finish his degree, he can continue to network for his company.