University Canada West (UCW) has kicked off 2021 with an exciting new opportunity for students.

On Jan. 19, UCW launched a collegiate chapter of the BC American Marketing Association.

The UCW Marketing Association (UCWMA) Collegiate Chapter aims to bring together students and marketing professionals to connect, learn and be inspired.

Membership is open to all UCW students who are interested in marketing.

Joining the association comes with several benefits to students, including:

  • Becoming a national member of the American Marketing Association.
  • Gaining hands-on experience at events that will help accelerate their careers.
  • Opportunities to network with marketing professionals.

The UCWMA will work to expand students’ classroom knowledge and theory into experiential learning, develop critical thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge and definition of marketing principles, and promote social and professional relationships between students, faculty and business professionals. It also aims to foster a better public understanding and appreciation of marketing challenges and improve the social network of individuals in the marketing industry.

Students looking for more information about the UCWMA or information about registration can visit the UCW Marketing Association page under the Student Resources tab in the MyUCW Student Portal.


Published on Jan. 19, 2021.