University Canada West is honoured to be taking part in this year’s Moose Hide Campaign Day on Thursday, May 12.

The Moose Hide Campaign is an Indigenous-led grassroots movement for all Canadians, particularly men and boys, to stand up to end violence against women and children. While the campaign is a year-long initiative to bring awareness to ending gender-based violence, May 12 is Moose Hide Campaign Day.

On May 12, UCW is hosting a special event for students, faculty and staff in the third floor Student Lounge area of the West Building at the Vancouver House Campus. Student Life Assistants will be on hand from 10 am until 4 pm to talk about the campaign and hand out moose hide pins, there will also be a video about the campaign.

Moose Hide Campaign Day is a day of ceremony where everyone is called to join together to take a stand against violence towards women and children, and to take practical steps on our collective journey of reconciliation.

The campaign began in 2011 when co-founders Paul Lacerte and his daughter Raven were reflecting on the sorrow of the Highway of Tears in northern British Columbia, where so many women, particularly Indigenous women, have been reported missing and murdered.

They were hunting in their traditional Carrier territory, harvested a moose and had the idea to tan the hide and cut it into squares to inspire change.

Moose have always represented an important source of food and clothing for Indigenous, and many non-Indigenous, communities. Moose hide has been used for many generations for ceremonial purposes and is associated with gentleness, warmth, comfort, hope and love.

Since then the Moose Hide Campaign has grown into a nation-wide anti-violence movement, with thousands of participating schools, organizations and communities across Canada.

University Canada West and its parent company, Global University Systems Canada, are committed to supporting the campaign on May 12 and through a number of meaningful and practical actions over the months and years to come.

UCW President Sheldon Levy and GUS Canada recently shared a letter of intent, stating our commitment to the Moose Hide Campaign, including a $5,000 donation.

For more information about the Moose Hide Campaign and how to get involved visit

Published on May 11, 2022.