To make sure that new students start strong on their academic journeys, University Canada West (UCW) will hold new workshops during the first four weeks of the term.

Called Learning for Success, these free, comprehensive sessions are designed to give students the tools they need to excel in their degree programs and graduate on time.

“It’s a space for students to gain the skills they need to jump right in,” said Andrea Robin, UCW Learning Strategist. “We’re welcoming students from all over the world, so we’re trying to make the content as accessible as possible.”

The weekly sessions, which will be held on Microsoft Teams, are mandatory for all new students. Each three-hour session will cover essential skills, including notetaking, using the MyUCW Student Portal, research, academic writing, academic integrity and strategies for studying.

The workshops will help students develop the specific skills students need to succeed.
Before each workshop, students will work through online materials, including course content, interactive activities and assignments, to help them prepare.

Students who participate in all workshops and complete their assignments will receive a Learning for Success badge. While the courses will offer tools and strategies for learning, they’ll also address mental health and school-life balance.

“We’ll talk about how students can manage the peaks and valleys of stress,” Robin said. “This is not just for academic success; it’s also for personal fulfillment.”

These new workshops complement UCW’s New Student Orientation (NSO), which welcomes students to UCW, helps them connect with other students and prepares them to thrive.

Students will also learn more about resources available to them during the term and throughout their studies, including a writing coach, workshops, one-on-one appointments with a learning strategist and appointments with an academic advisor.

Orientation for the Summer 2020 Term will take place July 13 -17, the week before classes start.