Tableau, Salesforce and IBM Design Thinking have been incorporated into the Master of Business Administration program courses at UCW as the university continues its evolution to become Vancouver’s tech-business university.

“We need to develop MBA programs that help students not only think critically in solving problems, but we must also teach them how to be creative and innovative while using the latest technologies to solve these problems,” said UCW President Brock Dykeman.

UCW has partnered with tech industry leaders to give students the skills to solve business problems with technology. UCW students will immediately benefit from these changes.

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Tableau, a powerful data visualization tool used in the business intelligence industry has been incorporated into UCW’s Business-650 (Business Analytics) course.

Salesforce is an online solution for customer relationship management (CRM). It gives all departments within a company, including marketing, sales, commerce, and service, a shared view of their customers with one integrated CRM platform. Salesforce has been incorporated into Marketing-621 (Marketing Management).

UCW has created a new course about Entrepreneurship that launched this term. Business-641 (Entrepreneurship) incorporates IBM Design Thinking into the MBA program.

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The IBM Design Thinking model is a scalable framework aimed at big enterprise that uses three principles to solve complex problems creatively. Plans to incorporate Amazon Web Services in current courses is underway and details will be unveiled soon.

UCW also is launching a series of applied short courses. Existing students be able to pick up these skills alongside their current programs to add to their portfolio of skills

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These courses will complement our current business courses while adding in new technology skills.

Furthermore, UCW will be launching a series of entrepreneurial workshops early in 2020 that will target individuals wanting to launch their own idea, but don’t have business tools to build and execute a business model.