Members of UCW’s Executive Team celebrate on November 24. (Left to right): UCW Vice-President Academic & Students Dr. Brad O’Hara, UCW Executive Director David Wiens, UCW Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors Catherine Vertesi, Member of the UCW Board of Governors Dr. Dan Brown, UCW Interim Registrar Charlotte French and UCW President & Vice-Chancellor Dr. Arthur Coren.

Vancouver, BC—University Canada West (UCW) commemorated its tenth year as a business-oriented, teaching-intensive university yesterday. The event also inaugurated the University’s newly refurbished lobby and detailed a number of highlights since the University was acquired by Global University Systems (GUS) at the end of last year.

“University Canada West was founded with the vision that—at a time when all Canadian universities were publically operated, there was a valuable and necessary place for independent universities within the system,” said UCW President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Arthur Coren. “Despite some earlier challenges, UCW has found its footing as a business-oriented, teaching intensive university.”

UCW invited students, faculty and staff for the unveiling of its newly renovated lobby in The London Building, a heritage building located downtown Vancouver at 626 West Pender Street. Renovations began in September, lobby upgrades were recently completed and extensive changes to the third and fourth floors are in progress.

The London Building was constructed in 1912 as part of Vancouver’s pre-Great War building boom. It is a B-listed heritage office building and many of the building’s interior and exterior features have heritage protection. The building has seen many tenants over the past century. It housed the Royal Trust Bank for 40 years, and the original vault still remains in the UCW library.

Now under new ownership, UCW has the necessary support to expand and advance its enrollment and academic pathways. “At the first meeting after the University joined Global University Systems, a clear mandate was set: ‘we are committed to operating an outstanding university’. As a result, UCW has benefitted from a number of investments in academic programming, staffing, and facilities. These enhance our ability to give our students an extraordinary education experience,” added Dr. Coren.

UCW students celebrate their University’s 10th anniversary and the unveiling of the newly renovated lobby. (Left to right) Adekunle Ewenla, Oluwafemi Ajayi, Jasjit Lally and Patience Ikpefuran.

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University Canada West (UCW) delivers programs that provide students with the applied and theoretical basis for success in the workplace and future academic endeavours. Established in 2004, UCW offers a range of career-focused programs including the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) and Master of Business Administration; courses that transfer broadly into the public education system. Courses are offered at UCW’s downtown Vancouver campus and online. For more information visit

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