The Governance and Policies Committee is a Standing Committee of the Senate, with the following responsibilities:

  • Advising the Senate on:
    • matters of academic policy
    • revising Senate policies and procedures
    • matters related to the Senate Bylaws, including with respect to the membership, procedures, structure and terms of reference of the Senate committees.
  • Recommending Senate appointments to the Senate standing committees and other University advisory committees or groups requiring representation from the Senate.
  • Monitoring all Senate policies to ensure that they are reviewed within the frequency required in University Policy No. 1505, “Policy Development and Administration.”
  • Ensuring that:
    • proposed Senate policies and procedures (and amendments thereto) are consistent with the mission, vision and goals of the University
    • the development, drafting, and amendment of Senate policies are undertaken by the University department(s) that is most knowledgeable about the issues addressed in the policy
    • an appropriate level of consultation with relevant stakeholders has taken place prior to the development, drafting and amendment of Senate policies
    • proposed Senate policies and procedures (and amendments thereto) submitted to the Committee for review are supported by documentation and have a sound basis (e.g., fulfilling legal or regulatory requirements, identifying and managing risks, enhancing operational efficiency, etc.).

Committee Membership

Chair – Faculty Representative Dr. Manbo He 2022.11 – 2024.10
Vice Chair – Faculty Representative Dr. Nam Le 2022.11 – 2024.10
Program Chair Representative Dr. George Drazenovic 2022.11 – 2024.10
Staff Representative Maryam Rostamy 2023.05 – 2025.04
Student Representative Udhaykaran Singh 2023.11- 2024.10
Vice President Academic Dr. Maureen Mancuso Ex Officio
Registrar Henrique Gea Ex Officio
Director, Student Affairs and Services Christine Chan Ex Officio
Director, Academic Operations Cassie Savoie Ex Officio
Senate Secretary/Recording Secretary Adrian Mitescu/Saleiha Sharif Ex Officio (non-voting)

The Committee meets on an as-needed basis, with a minimum of two meetings per year; meetings are usually closed. For any questions, please contact the Senate Secretariat at [email protected].