On the academic side, the processes that establish and ensure ongoing quality are guided through the development, appraisal and approval of new academic programs.

Relevant policies and procedures ensure that the existing programs establish and maintain quality through the cyclical review of programs. These quality assurance processes place strong emphasis on the importance of the assessment of learning outcomes along with the quality of faculty, instructional support and academic facilities required to sustain successful programs and support the academic planning process.

The Academic Council’s Committee on Academic Quality is the internal governance body that has direct responsibility for recommending institutional policies, procedures and appropriate frameworks for ensuring quality assurance and for presenting to the AC a summary report of internal review reports (completed as part of the cyclical reviews).

As a teaching-intensive and practically oriented institution, UCW is committed to maintaining and enhancing its link with industry groups. Informally, there are countless collaborations that take place inside and outside our classes (through various experiential learning initiatives – such as Riipen case studies). Formally, we engage our industry partners through the Program Advisory Committees.