Cyclical program reviews are a regular feature of higher education quality assurance systems. It is common across all jurisdictions in Canada that on a defined cycle, each academic program offered in a university engages in a comprehensive review of its academic offerings, with the goals of improving the program curriculum and student experience as the prioritized outcomes of the process. UCW engages in formative reviews of programs and curricula through both informal and formal mechanisms. A cyclical program review provides the University with the opportunity to evaluate and reflect more deeply upon what has been working well in the program, and what could be changed or improved upon.

Cyclical program reviews provide reassurance to program stakeholders (students, alumni, parents, employers), and the government that the University is evaluating and refining the quality of its programs to ensure that they are meeting program learning outcomes, degree level standards and the needs of students and employers.

The Cyclical Program Review committees have access to documentation and templates to assist them in addressing all the objectives of the studies:

  • The Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the stages of the review and guidance in completing the necessary steps
  • The Self-Study Template provides the outline of the study that forms the basis of the program self-evaluation

The following table outlines the timelines for the current program reviews taking place (including the projected date for the external panel reviews):

Internal Self Study Date
External Panel Report Due
Follow-Up Reporting
AA 2022.12 2023.02 2023.05
BA 2023.01 2023.01 2023.04
BCOM 2023.01 2023.01 2023.04
MBA 2023.02 2023.02 2023.04

In the spirit of transparency, UCW is committed to publishing the summaries of the External Panel Reports, the Cyclical Program Review Summary Reports and Progress for each program.