The Academic Planning and Priorities Committee is a Standing Committee of the Senate, with the following responsibilities:

  • In consultation with the Senate’s standing committees, facilitating the Senate’s process of establishing and approving its long-term goals and priorities within the context of the University’s strategic and operational planning related to educational policy.
  • Monitoring the Senate’s progress towards its long-term goals and priorities, with input and regular updates from the standing committees.
  • Advising the Senate on:
    • the educational goals, objectives, strategies, and priorities of the University, and proposed amendments thereto
    • policies and strategic goals related to enrolment management and the admission of students
    • the number of students that may be accommodated by the University and policies for enrolment management
    • the establishment or discontinuance of faculties, schools, divisions, and departments of the University
  • In consultation with the Quality Assurance Committee, advising the Senate on the establishment, suspension, or discontinuance of educational programs
  • In consultation with other relevant standing committees, reviewing and advising the Senate on the terms of affiliation, articulation, and other contractual agreements with other post-secondary institutions and educational bodies

Committee Membership

Chair – Vice President Academic Dr. Maureen Mancuso Ex Officio
Program Chair Representative Dr. Laurence Earnhart 2022.11 – 2024.10
Faculty Representative Dr. Nam Le 2022.11 – 2024.10
Faculty Representative Dr. Nisa Chand 2023.09 – 2025.10
Staff Representative Anna Lee Boulton 2022.11 – 2024.10
Student Representative Janette Adriana De La Torre Macias 2023.11- 2024.10
Director, Institutional Accountability Adrian Mitescu Ex Officio
Registrar Henrique Gea Ex Officio
Director, Student Affairs and Services Christine Chan Ex Officio
Director, Academic Operations and Support Services Cassie Savoie Ex Officio
Associate Vice President, Administration Kathleen Campbell Ex Officio
Senate Recording Secretary Saleiha Sharif Ex Officio (non-voting)

The Committee meets on an as-needed basis, with a minimum of two meetings per year; meetings are usually closed. For any questions, please contact the Senate Secretariat at [email protected].