Before setting off on your journey to University Canada West, it is important that you have everything you need to begin your life at the University.

Here are the materials provided to new students starting their studies at UCW. This includes the Student Orientation Handbook, Vancouver Guide and MyUCW Student Portal Tutorial.

As you settle into your new life as a student, University Canada West can assist by providing information that will assist you in finding a home during your studies.

New students to Vancouver have a variety of housing options available to them. University Canada West has partnered with 4Stay to help students find a guaranteed place to stay from a number of accommodation options. Additionally, students may seek out alternative accommodations.

Vancouver offers numerous ways to get around the city and its suburbs including public transportation, expansive bike lanes and more.


Find out the cost of living in Vancouver for your studies, accommodation, public transport, health insurance, food estimates and more.

In British Columbia, students under 19 are considered minors. Students under 19 who are not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian may be required to have a custodian.

This ACBSP-accredited program combines theoretical and practical learning to give you a true understanding of modern business. It will prepare you for a successful career in business or management.  Students can study on-campus or online.

Available as an on-campus or online program, this degree will develop your core skills in writing and research and equip you with a comprehensive understanding of all types of business communication.

The Associate of Arts Degree is an interdisciplinary set of courses that cultivate core skills in writing, communication, research and team performance. It will prepare students for additional post-secondary education or to enter the workforce. Students can study on-campus or online.

At University Canada West, we offer graduate students a full MBA degree program accredited by the ACBSP. UCW MBA graduates become effective leaders both nationally and internationally. Students can study on-campus or online.

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