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Career Development

Career Services

University Canada West’s Career Development Centre was created to facilitate an engaging partnership with all its students and alumni as they transition from higher education into the workforce environment and beyond. Through these partnerships, Career Services will bridge the gap of employers’ needs and employment opportunities for our students and alumni.

The Career Development Centre works with students and alumni located in Vancouver and throughout Canada to provide career and employment preparatory information through the assistance of an online career services program. Students and alumni can access the program via internet when they want, and can generate numerous career documents that are relevant to positions they are applying for all from a centralized location.

As students gain employable skills and alumni grow within their careers, University Canada West is dedicated to connect them with businesses across Canada for employment and advancement opportunities. Where education and portable skills training is a “must have” in today’s competitive job market.

University Canada West's Career Development Centre offers assistance with anything related to your career development including:

  • Resumes;
  • Cover letters;
  • Interviewing skills;
  • Job search techniques;
  • Networking opportunities; and
  • Career coaching

For Employers: 

If your company is interested in employing a University Canada West graduate or offering internship opportunities, contact student.affairs@ucanwest.ca today.