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An information source giving journalists access to University Canada West experts.


Mike Benke

Titles: Faculty
Locations: Economics, Foreign Ownership, Institutional Investors in Vancouver Real Estate, Real Estate Market Yield/Profitability in Canada and Vancouver, Strategy and Corporate Finance

Wahiba Chair

Titles: Faculty
Locations: Communications, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media and Influencers

Dr. Larry Earnhart

Titles: Department Chair – MBA, Chair of Quantitative Studies
Locations: Business Operations, Chemical Process Design, Entrepreneurship, The Chemical Processing Industry
Departments: Faculty, Master of Business Administration, MBA Department of Quantitative Studies

Dr. Gelareh Farhadian

Titles: Department Chair - MBA Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Co-Host – Innovation Fuel podcast
Locations: Corporate Culture in Venture Capitals, Corporate Strategy, High-Tech Companies, Management Consulting in HR Development, Mining and Construction, Oil and Gas, Organizational and Leadership Development, Start-up Development
Departments: Faculty, Master of Business Administration, MBA Department of Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Paul Fontaine

Titles: Full Time Faculty
Locations: Diasporic Media, Journalism and the Relationships Between South Asian-Canadian Communities and Canadian Institutions, Including Universities and Municipal Governments
Departments: Faculty, Undergraduate Programs, Arts, Communications & Social Sciences

Dave Keighron

Titles: Head of Innovation/Director, NExT GENERATION HUB, Co-Host, Innovation Fuel podcast
Locations: E-Business Strategy, E-Commerce Strategy, Innovation as a Service
Departments: Faculty, MBA Department of Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Pooja Lekhi

Titles: Faculty
Locations: Asset Quality Management in the Banking Sector, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Financial Management, Global Financial Institutions

Cyndi McLeod

Titles: CEO, Global University Systems Canada
Locations: Entrepreneurship, Gender Equity in the Workplace, International Education, Women in Leadership

Dr. Aigerim Shilibekova

Titles: Faculty
Locations: Educational Technology, Regional and International Security in Central Asia and the Middle East, Strategic Planning and International Higher Education Management

Dr. Eli Sopow

Titles: Full Time Faculty
Locations: Issues Management and Communications, Organizational Change Management, Public Sector Management, Research and Strategic Intelligence
Departments: Faculty, Master of Business Administration, MBA Department of Leadership & People Management

Karen Tankard

Titles: Faculty
Locations: Communications, Data Privacy, Digital Media, Media Manipulation and Fake News, Online Communities, The Future of Journalism

Dr. Salvador Trevino

Titles: Full Time Faculty
Locations: Consumer Behavior, Cultural and Consumer Trends, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Globalization and Culture Shifts
Departments: Faculty, Master of Business Administration, MBA Department of Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Patty Zakaria

Titles: Faculty
Locations: Anti-Corruption and Transparency, Applied Research, Corruption, International Relations, Policy Analysis and Ethics, Research Design and Interpretation


Media contacts

Jessica Kerr
PR & Communications Specialist

Bradley Fehr
Senior Communications Manager