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Is studying an MBA worth it?


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University Canada West (UCW) and its parent company, Global University Systems Canada, recently partnered with IDP Connect to create an unprecedented project for a group of UCW’s international MBA students.

Students analyzed IDP Connect’s real-time data, as well as secondary research, to develop a presentation imagining themselves in the role of strategic advisors to a fictional university.

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In the fall of 2021, University Canada West embarked on a listening exercise to gain a better understanding of what post-secondary institutions can do to help prepare the tech workforce of the future. What we heard was a rallying cry from BC’s tech community for academia and industry to embark on a coordinated approach to fill the gaps in the labour force. Most revealing was that many of the issues and ideas we heard are not new – there is still important work to do and the tech industry and academia must act collectively and with a greater sense of urgency.

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