Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

The decision to attend university is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life.  We will help you find the right method of payment, as well as answer your questions about tuition fees, student loans; and other financial options.

The tuition and fee information listed below is in Canadian dollars and applicable for 2019/2020. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date fee schedule, please contact the Finance Office at University Canada West.


Refund Policy

The tuition deposit is non-refundable. Students are expected to use the entire amount in the first two terms of enrollment at UCW. Any portion of the tuition deposit not used in the first term will be credited to the student’s second term as a non-refundable payment toward tuition and fees at UCW.  Students who do not attend and do not have an approved leave of absence during this time will forfeit the balance of the tuition deposit.

Normal refund procedures apply for students who are denied a student visa or study permit as per UCW Policy 3001: Student Tuition Refunds. View the fully policy here and view the related refund policy procedure here.

If eligible, please apply for your refund here.

University Canada West has partnered with PayMyTuition for international tuition deposits, and tuition payments. With PayMyTuition, you can pay your tuition payments from any bank, in any country in any currency at better than bank exchange rates. PayMyTuition is fast, simple and cost effective. Visit this page for additional information about PayMyTuition.

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University Canada West will also accept:

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Debit (in-person only)
  • Cash (in-person only)
  • Cheque (payable to University Canada West)
  • Money Order (payable to University Canada West)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Online Payment