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Consultancy firms increasingly seeking MBA graduates

Consultancy firms increasingly seeking MBA graduates

Consultancy firms are on a hiring spree as they expand their digital service lines, and many firms are now hiring top MBA talent to help them with data analytics. This is good news for MBA students who want to establish a career path in consultancy.

Previously, consultancy firms focused more on financial advisory services. However, they have now moved away from auditing and other financial services to concentrate on digital and technology consulting services. The UK-based Management Consultancies Association states that digital consultancy has increased by 27 percent year-on-year, and this is shifting the recruitment policies of these consultancies.  

Consultancy firms are looking for people who have expertise in business analytics. This is a topic a majority of business schools are now looking to offer their students. The University Canada West (UCW) MBA program already offers Analytical Foundations and Business Applications as a part of its four-tiered program. This equips a UCW post-graduate to perform seamless business analysis and write clear and in-depth reports using available data.

Today, the major consultancy firms are increasingly focusing on big data. These firms have managed to acquire smaller, premium companies and are competing with one another to hire consultants who have the ability to handle large-scale digital transformation.

Global firms like McKinsey and BCG have made it clear they have a place for MBA talent in their digital service line. Firms like Deloitte, PwC and KPMG are witnessing growth and expansion, and they have hired many MBAs in the last few years. Career advisors believe this trend will continue in the future.

“There are immense benefits from those who come from formal programs such as MBAs and certainly we need to tap that source actively,” said KPMG UK Partner Nick Frost.

Hiring experts claim many of the large consultancy firms have been on a merger and acquisition spree, and many of these massive mergers are fuelling their expansion. Reports suggest consultancy demand in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals has also increased significantly.

MBA talents who possess industry-specific expertise are highly sought after, along with those who have quantitative abilities, leadership and problem solving skills, and relationship management capabilities. The UCW MBA program covers all of these aspects to ensure students have the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective leaders and problem solvers in today’s digital and global business environment. UCW offers on-campus and online MBA programs that allow students to learn the ins and outs of business administration, thereby boosting their graduate employability.