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Is studying an MBA worth it?

A Bachelor’s degree is the first step towards a career in business communication

A Bachelor’s degree is the first step towards a career in business communication

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communication is a vital step for anyone considering a career in virtually any business field, not to mention an impressive addition to any CV. Completing this BA will not only provide you with practical communication skills and theoretical knowledge, but also equip you with an in-depth understanding of how the business world operates.

Acquiring a BA in Business Communication before entering the world of work, will give you an advantage with employers, whether you want to be a professional writer, a public relations practitioner, or get into advertising or business journalism.

Business communication is a very competitive field, and with colleges and universities devoting significant resources to professional communication, employers have much higher expectations for prospective employees. Even writing a compelling CV is critically important.

At UCW, you will learn about:

  • The evolution and history of communication in business
  • Ethical and legal challenges within the communications industry
  • Media influence on audience perceptions of issues, events, products, and services
  • Communication theories as contextual assessment tools
  • Communication oriented research and information seeking strategies
  • Effective integration of various types of media and communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Working productively in a collaborative environment
  • Changes the industry is likely to face in the future

With a dynamic mix of theory and practical application in a learning environment created by professors who have first-hand experience in the field in addition to their academic and professional qualifications, the BA in Business Communication provides a superb entrance into a career in communications.