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Small businesses in Canada to enjoy faster internet speeds

Small businesses in Canada to enjoy faster internet speeds

With time constraints and limited financial resources, small business owners often find it difficult to scale and expand their businesses. However, this may soon become a problem of the past with the announcement that Rogers Communications will introduce faster internet speeds for small businesses in Canada through its Rogers Ignite for Business Gigabit.

The service is affordably priced to make it attractive for Canadian small businesses. It will allow small business owners access to unlimited data usage and also ensure faster file transfers, real-time data backup, and high-quality videos. These measures will help small business owners become more productive and also grow their businesses.

Rogers’ Senior Vice President for Enterprise Products and Solutions, Charlie Wade, said that internet speeds directly affect the growth ability and productivity of small businesses. By having access to Gigabit speeds, small businesses will have more time to focus on growing and running their business and catering to the needs of their customers.

Recent statistics reveal that 98 percent of employer businesses in the country are small businesses. Taking these figures into consideration, Wade believes that having access to faster internet speeds can help small businesses in Canada become more competitive and withstand the onslaught of larger competitors.

Wade added that faster internet speeds mean that small business owners will be able to support more customers online, run cloud-based applications, and access their cloud storage in record time. It will also allow small businesses to operate their POS terminals more quickly using a secure internet connection.

Last October, Rogers announced that it would be providing 4K gigabit internet speeds to about 4 million businesses and homes throughout Canada. The rollout of Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet is expected to be complete by the end of this year. The company has already rolled out its services in sections of the GTA and Toronto, and high-speed internet for small business owners is expected very soon in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Starting and running a small business comes with its own challenges that need to be overcome with innovative and pragmatic solutions. Small business owners and entrepreneurs will benefit from getting a UCW MBA degree. The program prepares future global leaders by teaching students to respond strategically to business challenges and opportunities, use critical thinking to formulate business decisions, and effectively lead diverse teams through problem resolution and the successful completion of tasks and projects.