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Is studying an MBA worth it?

How women use their MBA Degree to climb the corporate ladder

How women use their MBA Degree to climb the corporate ladder

As the economic climate became unpredictable in recent years, more women are heading back to business school. The trend has continued, with more women pursuing their MBA degree for the numerous opportunities it can provide in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. 

Upon graduation from an MBA degree program, some women opt to work in traditional fields like finance and business consulting - while many others are leveraging their degrees to create their own entrepreneurial paths in marketing, advertising, retail, consumer goods, non-profit and other public sector jobs.

An MBA degree provides the opportunity for women to explore different passions and careers that are in line with their values and beliefs.  It enables women to network with other students, explore various career opportunities, and extensively broaden their skills.

Women with MBA Degrees

For women that obtain MBA degrees, there is a higher opportunity to earn higher salaries as well as open doors to senior management in the corporate world.

With more women interested in starting their own companies, many MBA programs also offer coursework/concentration in entrepreneurialism where there is a focus on how to recognize business opportunities, develop a solid business plan, and how to secure financing from investors. 

Essentially, an MBA can provide valuable skills and assistance in climbing the corporate and entrepreneurial ladders - making it a valuable investment for women focused on furthering their career.