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Is studying an MBA worth it?

UCW welcomes its biggest ever intake of students

UCW welcomes its biggest ever intake of students

UCW continues to grow at a phenomenal pace. BC’s fastest growing university recently welcomed its single biggest group of students ever. The Fall 2018 intake will smash all previous intake records.

“It’s remarkable and gratifying that so many students have chosen to study at University Canada West,” said UCW President & Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Arthur Coren.

“We’ve worked hard to reach this point and we are well prepared. We are opening an additional floor of the campus and have extra resources in place to support our students.”

The 3rd floor of the historic London Building, which houses the UCW campus, was renovated and opened in time for the Fall Term. This is addition to the 6th floor being completed for the Spring Term earlier this year.

Vishajeet Singh, 20, from India is part of the first-ever intake of students pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at UCW. He was attending the University of the Fraser Valley, but transferred to UCW.

“The Associate of Arts degree is a better fit for me,” he explained.

Tatiana Buldakova, 33, is from Russia and is starting in the University Access Program before taking MBA Foundation and, ultimately, pursuing an MBA degree.

The former director of the Russian-Finnish Life Sciences Centre was a biotechnical engineer, but she wanted to further her career.

“I realized I had a gap in business knowledge,” she explained.

Tatianna was also accepted to two US universities, but chose to study at UCW after spending last summer in Vancouver studying English.

Other students took different paths to UCW.

Jesper Neilsen, 50, is from Denmark and is pursuing an MBA at UCW, but will start in the MBA Foundation program.

He already has a master’s Degree in agronomy and soil science. He was working as a researcher at North Dakota State University before returning to Denmark for a year to consider his future.

Jesper hopes that earning an MBA will help him learn the business side of research science including writing grant proposals and securing funding.

Dr. Coren is pleased with the direction of the university.

“This is a wonderfully diverse group of students and we look forward to the continued growth of UCW as our university builds on its reputation as the post-secondary study destination of choice for students in Canada and around the world,” he said.

University Canada West is Vancouver’s business-focused university and is located in the heart of downtown. UCW offers Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication and Associate of Arts degree programs, as well as preparatory programs.

Written by Bradley Fehr