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UCW Speaker Series: Employment Strategies

UCW Speaker Series: Employment Strategies

University Canada West students gathered together on February 11 for the University’s first Career Talk session hosted by faculty member Tanya Pattullo. The presentation, Employment Strategies: An Insider Perspective, provided students with insight on what companies look for when hiring and ways in which candidates can stand out from other applicants.  

“The search for employment can be an overwhelming, exhausting, and frustrating process,” explained Tanya.  “It is important for students to know that searching for employment requires strategies and focus to be successful. My hope is that students will have some of the tools they need to help them be more successful in their search for employment.”

Tanya teaches in UCW’s MBA program and has been a UCW faculty member since 2009. She is an accomplished professional with almost 25 years of progressive human resource management experience in diverse industries. She has worked in both private and public organizations and continues to dedicate her career to higher education.  

Written by UCW News Team