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Is studying an MBA worth it?

UCW offers MBA elective clusters in leadership, finance or marketing

UCW offers MBA elective clusters in leadership, finance or marketing

Students pursuing an MBA at University Canada West now have more options for their business education.

Students can choose one of three recently announced elective clusters in specific areas of career application. UCW students can now learn more about leadership, finance or marketing and have the elective cluster noted on their transcripts.

“This is another step in the evolution of post-secondary education at UCW,” said Dr. Arthur Coren, UCW President & Vice-Chancellor. “Along with our recently approved Associate of Arts degree, these elective clusters provide more options for our students."

The Master of Business Administration elective cluster in Leadership includes classes in Change Management, Leadership and Decision Making.

The Finance elective cluster includes Investment Analysis and Management, Personal Financial Planning, and Global Finance Institutions Management.

The Marketing electives include Digital Marketing Strategy, Marketing Promotion, and International Marketing.

 “Our MBA is still a general MBA, but these electives allow our students to explore areas of interest so they can tailor their education to best suit their career goals,” said Dr. Coren.

All three elective clusters will available stating in the Winter 2019 term.

University Canada West is a business-focused university located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. UCW offers Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication and Associate of Arts degrees, as well as preparatory programs. For more information about applying email info@ucanwest.ca.

Written by Bradley Fehr