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UCW announces new Quantitative Studies Department Chair

Doctor Laurence Earnhart, Quantitative Studies Department Chair

University Canada West (UCW) is pleased to announce Dr. Laurence Earnhart as the new MBA Quantitative Studies Department Chair.

Dr. Earnhart has been with UCW since 2008, teaching Operations Management and Finance in the MBA program. He is also chair of the Grades Committee, which made recommendations to the Academic Council about incorporating grading rubrics as a way of making instructor expectations on assignments clear to students.

He is committed to student success and designs his courses so that students can actively engage with applied real-life experiential applications in the classroom.

Dr. Earnhart earned his PhD in Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked for 20 years in the chemical production industry as an operations manager for multiple production facilities. He has also worked as a safety manager, environmental manager, quality manager, project manager and emergency response team leader.

In addition to teaching, he owns a consulting business helping small business owners, narrates and produces audiobooks, is a public speaker and the author of the book The Profit Machine.

Dr. Earnhart joins fellow department chairs:

Dr. Gelareh Farhadian, MBA Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship, Michele Vincenti, MBA Leadership, Cassie Savoie, University Access Program, and Dr. Charles Carroll, Undergraduate Program Chair.


Published on Mar. 4, 2021.