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How to get the most out of your video conference meetings

How to get the most out of your video conference meetings

The COVID-19 lockdowns have pushed many companies to move their meetings online. Often, that means video conferencing in apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Even though you’re working from home, you’re still at work – and everyone in the meeting can see you.

Here are some video conferencing etiquette tips to help you make a good impression.

Before the meeting

Dress appropriately: Video meetings are still business meetings – be presentable and dress professionally.

Clean up: Make sure you’re in a neat, distraction-free space. Some apps, including Zoom, offer virtual backgrounds that can hide your clutter.

Check the light: If nobody can see you, it’s hard to contribute effectively. Choose a well-lit space and test to make sure that your face shows up clearly. 

Be seated: Instead of slumping on your bed or couch, take video calls while you’re sitting in a chair at a desk or table.

Adjust your camera: Make sure the camera is pointing directly at your face and not an odd angle. During the call, look into the camera and not at the video feed.

Catch technical issues: Check that you’ve set the volume to maximum, that your headset works and that there are no problems with the internet connection.

During the meeting

Don’t be late: Showing up on time to an online meeting shows that you respect everyone else’s time.

Speak clearly and keep to the point: It can be easy to ramble during a video call ­­– stick to what’s relevant. 

Avoid multitasking: There can be plenty of distractions at home, but a video meeting isn’t the time to check your e-mails or do your dishes. Focus on the meeting.

Use mute: Your microphone can pick up background noises that can distract everyone else. If you’re in a noisy room, click the mute button whenever you’re not talking.

Take advantage of tools: Many video conferencing apps have tools that can help your team get more done in remote meetings. Zoom, for instance, has screen share, quick polls and video breakout rooms.

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