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Canadian small businesses should not ignore fresh graduates

Canadian small businesses should not ignore fresh graduates

In a few months, thousands of postgraduate students across Canada will be getting ready to graduate and join the nation’s workforce. This offers a tremendous opportunity for small business owners in Canada to tap high-quality talent that is often overlooked. 

Some small businesses in Canada mistakenly believe that fresh graduates lack the professional skills needed to flourish in a workplace and require substantial investment to train. In contrast, HR experts believe it is better to hire a recent graduate who has good character and strong work ethics than an experienced employee who lacks ethics. The cost of making this mistake could prove to be an expensive one for a small business, and that is why it is important for small business owners to select the right talent.  

Some small businesses list two to three years of work experience as a requirement in their job postings. This automatically excludes recent graduates who may have the skill set to drive business success. A fresh graduate who is smart and diligent and has high values can excel at a job while acquiring experience. 

A small business owner should realize that fresh graduates have the ability to meet the standards that they have set for employees. These graduates can instil energy and life into the company while saving the company costs. Another benefit of inexperienced employees is that they do not have to unlearn undesirable habits that some experienced hires may have. Fresh graduates offer a small business the opportunity to create its own culture and values while benefitting from their innovative solutions and thinking. 

Trends show that recent graduates are flocking towards small businesses. They want opportunities where they can acquire diverse skills, have genuine responsibilities, and make an immediate impact. Smaller organizations have flatter organizational structures, opportunities to work on varied projects, and more flexible and friendly working environments that make them the first choice among millennials. There is no better time than now for small businesses to hire fresh graduates who can propel their business to greater heights. 

UCW prepares its MBA graduates to be effective leaders in their workplace. UCW MBA students are equipped to respond strategically to business opportunities and challenges; assess the ethical implications of any business activity; collaborate with diverse groups of people; lead teams and ensure successful completion of projections; integrate personal value into problem solving; and take responsibility for their decisions. Once small business owners hire UCW MBA graduates, they will realize that their new hires are valuable assets.