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New cloud solutions to slash Canadian businesses’ costs

New cloud solutions to slash Canadian businesses’ costs

Rogers Communications has launched a new cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution that will help businesses across Canada manage applications, critical data, network resources, servers and systems software over the internet.

Rogers Public Cloud will enable businesses to do away with managing dated hardware and IT systems, potentially saving them capital costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rogers Communications’ Enterprise Business Unit President Nitin Kawale said "As Canadian businesses produce and consume more data than ever before, many are looking to reduce pressure on IT teams and resources by moving to a cloud environment. However, most solutions offered today are complex and cannot scale quickly enough to meet their needs.

"Unlike other cloud computing options in the market, Rogers Public Cloud offers customers a simple, data sovereign and cost effective way to manage their IT. This will ultimately free up time and resources so they can focus on their business."

The service provides users with access to both storage space and computing in a shared cloud environment, which can be managed using a web portal. Users also get customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To deliver Rogers Public Cloud, Canadian communications and media company Rogers is collaborating with European cloud and internet infrastructure leaders OVH. Rogers believes this partnership has provided a competitive, cost-effective and uncomplicated IaaS offering that ensures data is safely stored securely in Canada and managed around the clock, enables users to customize their computing and storage options and lowers costs through its use of green IT.

IDC Services and Enterprise Applications Research Vice President Mark Schrutt said: "Businesses that have made the transition to the cloud quickly realize the significant financial and operational advantages, but the reality is that Canadian customers do not have enough options for simple, cost-effective cloud computing solutions.

"New services like Rogers Public Cloud will make it easier for businesses to adopt cloud solutions and could ultimately foster more innovation as customers get access to more efficient, cost-effective IT as-a-service solutions."

This will help reduce operational costs for small business owners, making them more competitive both domestically and internationally. Entrepreneurs seeking global success could also benefit from a University Canada West (UCW) master of business (MBA) degree.

The UCW MBA program provides business education, corporate training and executive education boosting the employability of graduates and laying the foundations for successful careers in Canada and beyond.