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GoDaddy’s Flare to help aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs realize their dreams

GoDaddy’s Flare to help aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs realize their dreams

There is no doubt that technology and entrepreneurship are interwoven. However, it is only recently that large technology companies are making provisions to support entrepreneurship on their own platforms. 

GoDaddy is one of the largest technology providers for small business owners. Its product portfolio consists of domains, hosting, websites, online marketing, web security, and email services. The company’s business model is designed for small business owners around the world. 

In Canada, small business account for 90 percent of business types, making GoDaddy a valuable service provider for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

GoDaddy’s latest venture is an app that helps entrepreneurs build a community and figure out whether their business idea is worthwhile. GoDaddy states that even though Canadian entrepreneurs have excellent ideas, many of them do not know what to do with those ideas. The Flare app will help prospective entrepreneurs get answers to the questions they have and gather opinions from likeminded people. 

GoDaddy’s Vice President of Emerging Products, Rene Reinsberg, states that people have ideas but these ideas seldom materialize into commercially viable products and services. GoDaddy has created Flare because there is a need for a community where entrepreneurs can receive impartial feedback on their ideas and find others to help turn those ideas into tangible products and services.

Flare has other features that make it a wonderful application for aspiring entrepreneurs. It allows successful entrepreneurs to serve as advisors and share their knowledge and expertise with those who want to benefit from it. GoDaddy states that advisors will have an opportunity to play a crucial role in the development of products and services from new entrepreneurs.

Previously, large technology companies such as TELUS and Google have lent their support to entrepreneurship by forming in-house incubators so that they do not lose their talent. What makes Flare unique is that it not only helps Canadians take up entrepreneurship, but it also helps them develop their ideas by getting other Canadians to help them out. 

GoDaddy Canada Vice President Jill Schoolenberg said that the company is happy that Canadians will have an opportunity to share ideas, get feedback on their ideas, and build a social community of fellow entrepreneurs and advisors. Schoolenberg believes Flare will make it easier for Canadians to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. 

Besides a good and functional idea, aspiring entrepreneurs also need to understand the world of business if they want to taste success. This is possible with a UCW MBA degree, which equips them with the knowledge and expertise needed for a global and diverse business environment so they can seize opportunities, come up with innovative solutions to business challenges, and use analysis to make the right business decisions.