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Family-run auto dealership in Vancouver wins innovative service award

Family-run auto dealership in Vancouver wins innovative service award

Innovation can transform a business and make it stand apart from its competition, and this approach helped a Vancouver-based car dealership boost customer satisfaction dramatically.

Regency Lexus, a family-run car dealership in Vancouver, launched its unique Butler Automotive Ownership Experience in 2014 with the aim of providing personalized service to its customers. This move won the dealership the highly coveted 2015 Lexus Pursuit of Excellence Elite Award, which is given to Lexus dealers who show high levels of commitment and professionalism to spur customer satisfaction.

Regency Lexus stated that it won the award because of its team’s ability to come up with an innovative plan that exceeded customer expectation. General Manager Izzam Ahamed said that the award proved that the dealership’s team was dedicated to providing personalized customer service and going beyond the call of duty to make its clients feel special and valued.

Ahamed added that in modern times, retail experience is extremely clinical and automated. However, Regency Lexus focused on cultivating personal relationships and keeping a clear line of communication within its team and with customers, and this helped it surge ahead of its competition.

The sale of luxury automobiles in British Columbia is 40 percent higher than the national average. Ahamed pointed out that it can be easy for dealerships to place more importance to their bottom line than on building long-term relationships with their customers.

He said that two years ago, the Regency Lexus team not only came up with goals to increase its sales, but also decided to build closer relationships with customers so that each one of them would feel valued and respected. Sales associates were tasked with remembering the names of each customer walking into the dealership and then customizing the service to suit the preferences of the customer if possible.

Ahamed added that Regency Lexus is constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate, and this allows the dealership to offer services that are not perceived as standard industry practices.

Innovation can make a big difference in the entrepreneurship world. In highly competitive small business sectors, it can help small business owners leave their competition behind and get onto the path of success. The UCW MBA program takes innovation very seriously and has made it an integral part of its course. MBA students are encouraged to come up with novel solutions and decisions to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities.