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Beresford’s digital marketplace for local products will support small businesses

Beresford’s digital marketplace for local products will support small businesses

The town of Beresford in New Brunswick has come up with an innovative plan to set up an online marketplace for local food and craft products. This digital shopping site would allow people to purchase locally made products online and then collect their orders from Beresford.

The plan is part of Beresford’s economic action plan, which aims to support small business owners and boost local commerce. Beresford Mayor Paul Losier said that the town does not promote itself to attract national companies, and this digital platform would create the perfect opportunity for local businesses to market and sell their products.

The digital marketplace appeals to many small business owners in Beresford because many of them already work full-time and do not have the time to run their own market stalls on the side. They believe their town has all the resources to maintain and grow the online shopping site.

Local small business owner Nathalie Doiron, who has been selling handmade soaps for ten years, liked the idea of being part of a virtual marketplace. “I find it’s a great idea. It helps promote all local business in the area and we need that resource to grow,” she said. She also felt the opportunity was the best way to promote the products and let people know they are handmade in the town of Beresford.

Beresford has a local market, but it is a seasonal one. A virtual site will give customers from Northeastern New Brunswick access to handmade products throughout the year. This is bound to be quite appealing to customers who want to enjoy local food and craft products. Mayor Losier feels the marketplace that flourishes during summertime can be utilised for selling and packaging products in winter. Mayor Losier predicts that if the community can find local investors, the virtual shop can be ready in two years.  

This concept is quite innovative and could prove to be a good learning tool for UCW MBA students, who are taught to think outside of the box. The UCW MBA program helps MBA students acquire skills like project management, risk management, problem solving, and leadership. These skills teach them to be resourceful and come up with novel ideas and solutions that can be utilised in their workplace. The MBA program looks to create effective and result-oriented leaders who can make a difference in their workplace and community.