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BC wild seafood company attracts funding from provincial government

BC wild seafood company attracts funding from provincial government

Haida Wild Seafoods, a BC-based seafood company, has managed to secure $65,522 in funding from the British Columbia government’s Buy Local program. The firm intends to use the money to increase promotion throughout the province and boost sales. 

Haida Wild Seafoods announced that it will be using the funding from the Buy Local program to launch promotional campaigns for print media, local radio, and the internet. It will also be using in-store advertising and events to create brand awareness, thereby increasing sales. 

The company is a custom seafood processor that sells premium-quality, sustainably fished seafood products in British Columbia. Haida uses the “Yahguudang” philosophy, which espouses respect for the air, sea, land, and all living creatures. Haida encourages customers to buy local and also connects its consumers with producers so that they are aware of the origin of their food. 

The Buy Local program has received funding of $8 million since 2012 from the provincial government. The program looks to increase locally grown and processed seafood and agrifood products in BC. The program, along with the BC government’s Agrifood and Seafood Strategic Growth Plan, promotes growing the local markets and building up a secure supply of food. It is part of the BC Jobs Plan, which aims to turn the agrifood industry into a $15-billion-a-year industry by 2020. 

Minister of Agriculture Norm Letnick said that the Buy Local program provides local companies such as Haida Wild Seafoods with an opportunity to become part of the larger markets across BC. Using promotions, consumer engagement, and fresh, local produce, such companies have the ability to boost their brand awareness. 

The BC government has several programs and incentives in place to encourage and support local companies in different industries and sectors. This is one of the main reasons that entrepreneurs from different industries and sectors choose to establish their business in British Columbia. The support provided by the provincial government, along with low taxation and access to an educated and skilled workforce, encourages and promotes success. Many entrepreneurs find that they can benefit from having a UCW MBA degree. 

The UCW MBA program emphasizes critical thinking, finding innovative solutions to business challenges, driving workplace success, and identifying and seizing business opportunities. These characteristics help UCW MBA graduates to succeed in a competitive business environment. Above all, the graduates turn into effective and efficient leaders who have the ability to work with diverse teams.