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University Canada West strives to be a premium provider of higher education with a renewed focus on student experience.  Browse our directory for a quick guide on who to contact in the University.


Campus Hours - temporarily suspended due to COVID-19

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 5 pm (Campus); 9 am to 5 pm (Recruitment and Academic Office); 9 am - 4 pm (Registrar's Office)
Closed weekends and holidays

General Inquiries
  • For general queries not relating to the categories below
  • Contacting Business Developers

Phone: 1-877-431-6887

Email: info@ucanwest.ca

Academic Department
  • For current students and faculty
  • Academic program delivery
  • Class schedules
  • Degree pathways
  • Directed studies
  • Mentors / Supervisors
  • Academic appeals
  • Academic standards
  • Writing coaches and numeracy support
Phone: 1-877-431-6887
Student Affairs
  • For current and new students
  • New Student Orientation
  • Guidance counselling and academic advising
  • Course drop/add and withdrawals

Phone: 1-877-431-6887

MyUCW Student Portal department message: 
Student Services

Registrar’s Office
  • For new, current and former students
  • Student records and transcripts
  • Letters of permission / confirmation, official documentation
  • Transfer credit and PLAR requests
  • Graduation

Phone: 1-877-431-6887

Email: registrar@ucanwest.ca

MyUCW Student Portal department message: 
Registrar’s Office

  • For new and current students
  • Tuition & fees payment / refunds / reimbursements
  • Student loans
  • Financial planning and payment options
Phone: 1-877-431-6887

MyUCW Student Portal department message:
  • For current students 
  • Information and reference assistance for online and Vancouver students
  • Writing and research skills

Phone: 1-877-431-6887

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UCW Librarian

Career Development Centre and Alumni Services
  • Résumes and cover letters
  • Interview skills and career coaching
  • Work/volunteer opportunities
  • Job search 
  • Employer relations
  • Networking
  • Alumni relations
Phone: 1-877-431-6887

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Career Development Centre
  • For prospective students
  • Application & Enrollment
  • Program start dates 

Phone: 1-877-431-6887

Email: enquiry@ucanwest.ca

International Student Advising
  • Canadian immigration documents and regulations (e.g study permit, visas, work eligibility)
  • Medical insurance and the Canadian health care system
  • Intercultural transition support and referrals
  • Travel restrictions and requirements to enter Canada

Phone: 1-877-431-6887

MyUCW Student Portal department message: 
International Student Advising