Full-time Tuition Fees (Domestic):

$14,040 (Year 1)
$9,360 (Year 2)

Full-time Tuition Fees (International):

$21,060 (Year 1)
$14,040 (Year 2)

Program Tuition Fees:


$23,400* (Domestic)
$35,100 (International) 

*30% discount applies for Canadian Forces members and veterans


Fall (October), Winter (January), Spring (April), Summer (July)



Online MBA

Master of Business Administration

The online MBA syllabus is focused on enhancing competencies across areas such as leadership, critical thinking, project planning, and a host of further advanced business disciplines. Each program module is led by an experienced UCW academic, whose role is to encourage discussion and debate, to facilitate active student participation, and to provide guidance and feedback.

Those who graduate from this ACBSP-accredited MBA program will find themselves more capable of responding strategically to challenges within the business environment presents. You will learn to take responsibility for important decisions, with the ability to explain yourself and your ideas.

Learning what is required of an effective leader, you will become confident in your management skills, as well as your ability to solve business problems.


Benefits of studying online

Studying online comes with a variety of benefits. You can choose flexible hours to fit around any commitments you may have, be it personal or professional. With HD video lectures, and all course materials provided, you won’t feel any less prepared than those who’ve studied on campus.

Online study is becoming increasingly popular because of the increased flexibility it offers. Studying online means that you can work on professional development while obtaining an academic qualification. This will make you more prepared when it comes to securing employment in a managerial position.


Why study online MBA?

  • Enjoy the flexibility to work as you study
  • Professional and personal progression
  • Network with a global community of students
  • Access to high quality e-learning resources



Academica Group has been surveying our MBA graduates 6 months after graduation (which will continue in 2020).

According to the January 2020 data from the graduates that participated in the study:

  • 100% graduate employment within 6 Months
  • 88% have secured employment within 3 months of graduation
  • 67% have secured employment within a month of graduation

Our alumni work for some of the world's leading organizations such as;

  • Siemens
  • Apple
  • Nestle
  • Scotiabank
  • Telus
  • SoftMoc
  • EmpowerID
  • SAP
  • The Marketing Kangaroos
  • Sigamlux
  • GPP
  • Danone
  • Oakville Trading
  • RBC
  • Walt Disney World

We collaborate with digital leaders such as Salesforce (Trailhead), Tableau and IBM to add relevant digital components to our courses (see course structure below). This aligns with our digital vision and keep you updated with upcoming technological trends.

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IBM co-creator logo
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Course Structure

The online MBA follows the same structure as its on-campus alternative differing only in delivery method. This program is created for those who cannot fit an on-campus program around their other commitments.

With the same materials provided and the same syllabus covered, studying our MBA online will set you at the same level as every on campus student. The online MBA degree program has been refined to allow students to acquire more specific knowledge and skills in one of three areas by choosing their 3 elective courses from one of the following subject areas: Marketing, Finance or Leadership.

The MBA content is delivered online via:

  • Dynamic video content
  • International business case studies
  • Clear and informative study materials
  • One to one contact with your professor via email and skype


Academic Standing

Students must remain in Good Academic Standing to continue their studies at UCW. For full details about Academic Standing, refer to the current Academic Calendar here.


Graduation Requirements

UCW students must fulfil the requirements listed in the Academic Calendar in order to be eligible to graduate. For full details about Graduation Eligibility, refer to the current Academic Calendar here.

Learn More about the MBA course structure

Entry Requirements and Tuition Fees

Entry requirements for the MBA online are the same as the on-campus equivalent. For those whose first language is not English, we offer University Access Program which gives you the opportunity to reach the standard proficiency requirements.

Essentially, whether you choose to study our MBA on-campus or online, they both end in the same result; you will graduate from UCW qualified to take on any managerial role, with the skills and confidence to do so.