Undergraduate students at University Canada West recently toured CBC Vancouver to experience first-hand and better understand the world of mass media and communication. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is the national broadcaster of Canada and has a massive broadcasting centre in downtown Vancouver.

Students in Jennifer Killam’s COMM 301 – Public Affairs communications class toured the facility, which is located only a few blocks away from the UCW campus.

“We gathered vast knowledge from the tour about radio broadcasting, news reporting, interviewing and talkback as well as breaking news, the CBC website, show scheduling and much more,” said Shamilla Sijana.

The tour was directly related to what they learn in their communications class.

“As Public Affairs students, who are trying to understand the world of news reporting, journalism and broadcasting, my fellow student and I were taken to CBC as ambassadors of University Canada West for a practical experience,” explained Mary Adetayo Sebiotimo.

“We were enlightened on the day-to-day procedures of producers in addressing technical problems and communication issues. It was so exciting to see the running of the whole broadcasting service that brings the news to our ears.”

Mary said the learning the technical aspects of a national broadcast was a highlight for her.

“It was great to uncover the secrets of CBC,” she said.

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