The possibilities are endless for graduates with the right skills and education. A degree in Business Communication offers career opportunities in one of the most exciting and challenging fields of work for graduates interested in a creative business industry.

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Communication provides both theoretical and practical knowledge required for a successful career in contemporary media culture. Find job prospects in marketing, advertising, public relations or branch off into the areas of print journalism, broadcast communications, magazine publishing, media law, and digital media production.

Graduates interested in becoming journalists will train to improve written and verbal communications skills and gain a strong foundation in research and investigative journalism. Media communications professionals manage projects, create business marketing plans, analyze and interpret consumer culture, and navigate new media technology in the emerging markets of Internet communications. With such a multi-disciplinary academic program, graduates are able to take different career paths in search of their dream job.

The best thing about the BA in Business Communication degree program is the relationships and networks created within the program. Communication professionals are known to have strong social interaction between each other: journalists seek information from public relations professionals, advertising executives pitch concepts to marketing managers, and communications coordinators collaborate with writers and reporters.

An important aspect of gaining hands-on experience is pursuing an internship either during school or after graduation. When students look for their own internships, they have the opportunity to gain real-world work experience similar to the work they will do in an entry-level media and communications position.

Internships are also a great place to start building a network of professional contacts. Students who take the initiative to find their own internship are able to figure out the specific area of media and communications they enjoy the most, making job searching easier and more direct. If all goes well, many companies and corporations offer their interns a job once they have completed their internship, which can help jumpstart their career.