Vancouver has been ranked as the third best city in Canada for students by financial comparison website HelloSafe.

According to Best Cities For Students In Canada: The Definitive 2023 Ranking By HelloSafe, the top 10 Canadian cities include many big cities with better employment and leisure opportunities, and which also have large student populations.

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Canadian cities were ranked based on criteria from four different categories:

The “Excellence” category recognized “the quality of the academic and educational offerings in each city,” including each university’s MacLean’s magazine rankings, tuition fees and diversity of academic opportunities. Vancouver ranked fourth, with Montreal in first.

The “Student Life” category measured “everything that makes a student have a pleasant life in a city.” This category included criteria such as the total number of and percentage of students in a particular city. It also considered cultural and leisure opportunities. Again, Vancouver ranked fourth.

The “Quality of Life” category evaluated “the quality of living conditions offered by different Canadian cities to their students.” This category takes into account criteria related to housing accessibility, air quality, climate, environmental conditions, access to nature and the size of the city. With the Vancouver cost of living being high, it did not rank in the top 10; however, Surrey ranked ninth in this category.

The “Attractiveness” category measured “the economic opportunities that a city can offer to a population of students who will find themselves on the job market tomorrow.” Criteria taken into account included the city’s proximity to large urban areas that offer employment opportunities, accessibility and access to transportation networks, unemployment rate and average household income. Vancouver ranked fourth, while Victoria, in Vancouver Island, was second.

The Vancouver city ranking rose four spots from HelloSafe’s last survey in 2021. Burnaby (15th), Surrey (17th) and Victoria (20th) were the other B.C. cities ranked in the top 20.

The survey is the latest indicator that Vancouver is pretty much the best city in Canada for students. Here are some reasons why:

  • Vancouver is among the top five cities for quality of life and education around the globe. The city is known for its mild weather, natural beauty and relaxed environment.
  • Vancouver has a variety of top-notch education choices including universities, such as University Canada West, colleges and technical institutes.
  • Vancouver is a diverse mosaic of cultures, with immigration increasing drastically in the past 30 years. This creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for international students.
  • The city is known for its stunning natural beauty, surrounded by mountains, forests and ocean. The proximity to nature offers opportunities for outdoor activities and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Vancouver boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous galleries, theatres, music venues and cultural events. This can enrich the student experience beyond academics.
  • While Vancouver can be an expensive city to live in, there are many free activities and great deals available, making it an ideal balance of work and play.

Overall, Vancouver is a great study abroad destination for international students, offering a high quality of life, top-ranked universities and diverse community.

Published on July 21, 2023.