University Canada West (UCW) is an excellent choice for students looking to pursue a career in business.

UCW has a strong reputation for providing high-quality education that is both practical and relevant to the business world. The University’s programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers. The curricula are constantly updated to reflect current industry trends, ensuring that students are prepared for the real world upon graduation.

UCW’s Vancouver-based campuses offer a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication and an Associate of Arts as well as preparatory courses, such as the MBA Foundation and University Access Program plus numerous micro-credentials.

UCW holds a 5 Star rating from the QS Stars higher education rating system. Notably, it is the first university in British Columbia and third in Canada to get 5 Stars.

UCW has a diverse student body, with more than 11,000 students from more than 110 different countries. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds, which can broaden their perspectives and help them develop important cross-cultural communication skills.

The University offers a range of flexible learning options that cater to different learning styles and schedules. Students can choose to study on-campus or online, and there are four intakes throughout the year. This makes it easier for students to balance their studies with other commitments, such as work or family.

UCW has a strong focus on experiential learning, which allows students to gain practical, hands-on experience in their chosen field. This real-world experience is highly valued by employers and can give graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

UCW has a supportive and welcoming community, with faculty and staff who are committed to helping students achieve their goals. The University offers a range of support services, including academic advising, tutoring and career services, to ensure that students have the resources they need to succeed.

Studying at University Canada West offers a range of benefits for students looking to pursue a career in business or related fields. With a strong reputation for quality education, a diverse student body, flexible learning options, experiential learning opportunities and a supportive community, UCW is an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve their academic and career goals.

Why choose Canada for higher education?

There are many reasons why UCW and Canada in general are great places for international students to study higher education. Here are some of the key reasons:

  • High-quality education: Canadian universities and colleges offer high-quality education, with a strong emphasis on research and practical learning. Many institutions are world-renowned, and Canadian degrees are recognized and respected around the globe.
  • Affordability: Compared to other popular study destinations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada offers relatively affordable tuition fees for international students. Additionally, living costs in Canada are generally lower than in other developed countries.
  • Cultural diversity: Canada is a welcoming and multicultural country, with a diverse population and a strong commitment to inclusion and equality. International students can experience a rich and varied cultural environment while studying in Canada.
  • Work opportunities: International students in Canada are allowed to work part-time while studying, and can also apply for a post-graduation work permit to stay and work in Canada after completing their studies. This can be a great way to gain valuable work experience and improve career prospects.
  • Safety and quality of life: Canada is consistently ranked as one of the safest and most livable countries in the world. Its cities are known for their cleanliness, friendliness and high quality of life.

Why study at University Canada West

  • Business and technology-focused university with an emphasis on practical experience
  • ACBSP and NCMA-accredited MBA and Bachelor of Commerce programs
  • A teaching-intensive institution with qualified, expert faculty with real industry experience
  • A dynamic and practical learning environment
  • Study in the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant business community
  • Two downtown campuses provide students with unparalleled access to a network of prospective employers
  • We have students from more than 110 different countries and plenty of networking opportunities
  • Personalized academic planning and advising services
  • A student-centered environment, additional support and free workshops
  • Fully-engaged student services with student-centered activities and events
  • Experienced Career Development Centre specialists to help students land their dream job
  • Flexible study options, study on-campus or online
  • Flexible schedules, offering courses in the evenings and on the weekends
  • Putting students’ well-being first, with 24/7 emotional and psychological support available for students

Published on March 17, 2023.