A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can give students the skills they need to thrive in the business world.

Bloomberg.com used data visualization to show the gap between what some employers are looking for and what some prospective employees can offer.

They asked recruiters what they most look for and they responded that strategic thinking, creative problem solving, leadership skills and communication skills are highly sought after by employers, but less commonly found in potential employees.

Similarly, they found that analytical thinking and the ability to work collaboratively were sought after skills, but easier to find.

Developing these skills can help MBA graduates stand out from the competition.

This article from TopMBA.com backs up those assertions. It lists the top five skills that employers are looking for based on a survey it conducted with 5,669 MBA employers.

It ranked the top five as interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial skills, communication skills and leadership skills.

The Guardian makes the argument that MBA graduates need soft skills to succeed in the business world. From their talks with business leaders, the publication found that in addition to knowing business theory, business leaders are looking for workers who have soft skills such as integrity, self-awareness and communication skills.

An MBA will help students learn how to take challenging situations in stride, apply pragmatic solutions to problems, and ultimately drive the success of an organization through informed decision-making.

The UCW MBA degree challenges students in areas vital to business operation and administration. It develops core competencies in critical thinking, persuasive communication, system analysis, leadership, and business ethics.

Emphasis is placed on the application of theories, teaching students case studies relating to a large variety of industries in Canada and around the world.

University Canada West is located in the heart of Vancouver, BC. The university offers both an online and on-campus MBA program. The boutique, business-oriented university provides students with the experience to succeed in their careers and scholarships to recognize students’ academic excellence.