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Top job roles after earning a business communication degree

Top job roles after earning a business communication degree

You may have come across the term business communication and wondered what it means. It refers to the sharing of information among people within an organization, which is done for the commercial benefit of the firm. It also involves the process in which an organization shares information with customers to promote its products and services.

If you are interested to pursue a career in this field, read on to know more about the job roles that may be available to you having completed a business communication program.

A business communication degree prepares students for the business world by equipping them with effective business communication skills, leadership and management, training and basic fundamentals of business.  

Best job roles after completing a Business Communication Degree

If you are considering this program, you may be wondering, “What can I do with a communications degree? The degree opens up a number of avenues for students and there are a number of entry-level business communication jobs that you can take up, including:

  • Marketing Associate: This job role involves working with advertising, PR and marketing managers to create promotions for an organization’s products and services. They study the current demand and try to improve it by approaching new markets. Marketing associates are also responsible for obtaining information that is instrumental for preparing pricing systems to increase profits.

  • Communications Assistant: Communications assistants are responsible for employing communications strategies. While working with communication managers and other departments, they create effective communication channels for internal and external purposes with the goal of displaying the organization in a positive light. They are also responsible for writing speeches and press releases, handling social media and communication between various departments in an organization.
  • Public Relations (PR) Specialist: As a PR specialist, you can work for organizations, government agencies, institutes or individuals. The role involves writing press releases, responding to negative press and communicating with various interest groups consisting of media, shareholders, employees and customers. In some cases, PR specialists may also be in charge of governmental relations, public affairs and crisis control.
  • Technical Writers: Technical writing is where a person writes about a specific subject in a certain form that requires direction, explanation or instruction. Professionals in this role have to write content or information in the form of pamphlets, catalogue descriptions, promotions and instruction manuals. This content has to be written in a brief form and must be easy to understand, even for an amateur. Industries such as healthcare, engineering, information security and information technhology are well known for hiring technical writers. Their responsibilities may include responding to technical support questions, editing any form of content and interacting with manufacturers, engineers and product developers.
  • Human Resources (HR) Associate: The Human Resources department is an important component of any organization. It is responsible for maintaining, improving and encouraging employee performance with a focus on organizational ethics. HR associates are also responsible for raising awareness about professional development, organizing training programs and ensuring that employees follow the company’s guidelines.
  • Social Media Specialist: The responsibilities of a social media executive include interacting with customers on social media channels for promoting the brand, creating social media strategies and increasing the firm’s market share. They usually work in association with social media managers and departments like marketing, advertising, sales, branding and customer service. They are also responsible for creating advertisements and promotions that are later uploaded on to various social media channels.
  • Content Marketing Associate: Content marketing is becoming an increasingly popular marketing technique. It involves creating and distributing valuable, important and reliable content to attract a clearly defined target audience. A content marketing associate is responsible for creating a firm’s overall content strategy and content delivery plan, which is done in coordination with the content marketing manager. Furthermore, these associates also aim to find the best form of content to increase customer demand, along with an apt content delivery method. The content may be created in the form of audio, video, print or online content. It can also be delivered in several ways such as websites, blog posts, online forums, print, audio and social media.
  • Brand Associate: A brand associate is in charge of creating brand strategies for the products and services of an organization. These associates are responsible for various business functions in addition to branding such as product development, market research and offline and online promotions. They examine consumer reactions to various aspects of a product like its price, quantity, packaging and accessibility. Some of the other responsibilities of a brand associate include:
    • Create a brand strategy after conducting extensive market research;
    • Design marketing campaigns to promote the brand and its message;
    • Measure the value of the implemented marketing campaigns;
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest consumer trends and incorporate them into the brand.


These entry-level jobs are just the beginning for those who want to work in the business communication field. Once you have obtained relevant work experience, you can rise high and obtain promotions to managerial roles.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in business communication then look no further. University Canada West (UCW) offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Communication. This degree will help you acquire skills and knowledge that would be helpful for your future career in this field. Visit UCW’s website to know more about the program and the university!