The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a host of new challenges for recent graduates looking to enter the workforce, but UCW’s Career Development Centre has a few tips to help your chances of landing a job.

Learn new skills

There are hundreds of free courses on online platforms such as or where graduates can update their knowledge and learn new skills. This will show potential employers that you have done something constructive with your time and it will also look good on your resumé.

Where to look for jobs

Recruitment agencies have become popular with graduates. While these jobs mightnot be the type of work you are looking for, having extra income can help you navigate this uncertainty after graduation with more confidence. It will also show potential employers that you are flexible and that you were able to adjust to this challenging new situation. Additionally, there is a big possibility that temporary job found via an employment agency will lead to a permanent position. Logistics, health care, construction, IT and some retailers (particularly online retailers) are booming industries and many companies are actively looking to recruit graduate students.

Vancouver companies that are currently hiring include: Galvanize, Clio, Form, Keirton, Redbrick, Bench, Merchant Growth and Thinkific.

Online networking

Online networking and professional social media accounts are becoming even more important as professionals move increasingly online. Creating a professional presence on social media and in online networking groups can help you find job opportunities and meet professionals in your chosen field.  Networking, mentorship and informational interviews can be done remotely and could help better prepare you to enter the workforce.  New graduates should make sure to have a completed LinkedIn profile with a professional photo as this can help build your professional brand.

Virtual interviews

With many employers switching their hiring process and recruiting online, new grads need to be ready for virtual job interviews. To be successful during a virtual interview make sure you test your technology before the interview, wear professional attire and prepare in advance.

Published on Sept. 1, 2020.